What A Year!

Have you ever done something really random, and totally out of character, just because it felt right? Well that was me in October 2021!

I had worked for the same company for nearly 27 years, doing a job that I enjoyed, but after the lockdowns of 2020 I realised just how much more I loved being at home, spending time with my husband and animals, going out for long walks, and having more time to do things that were important to me. When I had to go back to work, I was incredibly unhappy, I can tell you!!! However, little did I know things were about to change!

I had heard rumours that the company were going to have a Voluntary Severance Scheme, but I didn’t know if that was just office gossip, or whether it was true? Later, in the October of 2021, an email was sent to all staff with details of the VSS, and after a quick read of the email I applied for redundancy! I had no idea whether I would get it, but they obviously didn’t need me as I was granted redundancy in early January 2022. I’m sure you can imagine the shrieking and whooping that went on when the letter dropped through my door!!! My poor dog thought I had completely lost the plot!

After the initial jubilation, and confirmation of acceptance to my line manager, I suddenly wondered what I had done? Reality kicked in. What was I going to do? I was already an Independent Beauty Guide with LimeLife by Alcone, and I knew I wanted to take the business forward, but had no idea how? Then I had what I call ‘my light bulb moment’! I had access to a huge range of pro grade makeup that, in my view, trumped everything on the high street, so why not become a Makeup Artist? I was already doing makeup for clients as part of the business already, so why not harness my love of makeup!

Getting here has not been easy though! I enrolled in a VTCT Makeup Artistry course starting in May, but it got postponed to June. In June it got cancelled until further notice. I was at my wits end. Was I ever destined to do this? Did I need to go out and get another job? Luckily I found a course at City College Plymouth and, as I write this, am about to embark on a year long course in Theatrical, Special Effects, Hair & Media Makeup! It’s been a long and sometimes stressful journey, but I’m excited to be on this new venture, and who knows where it will take me?