Surely the website photoshoot would go ahead as planned?

Despite the fact the start date of my course was now delayed, I decided to go ahead with the photoshoot as planned. I had the date, the venue, the photographer, the models, hair stylist, and myself and my good friend (and Beauty Therapist!) all booked. Everyone was available for the 9th July, or so I thought!!

On 30th June I woke up not feeling particularly well, but just put it down to the boozy dinner I had with a friend the night before (as you get older, the hangovers last a lot longer!!) By the next morning I really felt unwell, thinking it was probably just a cold virus? I decided to do a lateral flow test just to be sure, but lo-and-behold it was the Covid! Ok, so I had a week to get over it, so no worries there. It wasn’t a big disaster, or so I thought!

Four days later, one of my models went down with Covid, and then the day after my ‘bride’ also went down sick! I just couldn’t believe it, after everything that had happened this year! I had no other choice but to cancel and reschedule for another date. Luckily everyone was available in early September, so although that was another delay to my launch date, it just meant I had another couple of months off to enjoy life, and the cracking weather we were having!

Woman with makeup on seated in directors chair looking at the camera.