Find A Red Lipstick To Suit You

Red Lip Colours Are For Everyone!

Nothing makes a statement more than a classic red lipstick! I’d always been a ‘nudes’ girl until recently when I decided to take myself out of my comfort zone and just go for it!

Shirley Temple Perfect Lipstick

There’s no denying a classic red lip gives instant confidence, but how do you choose one that’s right for you? Red lip colours have undertones, just like your skin (believe it or not!), so with a few tips from me, you can pick your perfect ‘kick ass’ lip colour!

Red Velvet Enduring Lip Colour

Find Your Undertones!

Makeup Artists are taught how to analyse someone’s skin undertones for ease of choosing great colours. Once you identify your undertone, it’s easier to choose your perfect shade of red!

First check the colours of the veins on the underside of your wrists. If they are blue/purple, you have cool undertones, and if they are green/blue, you have warm undertones.

Next, check out your skin tone! If you tan easily, you probably have warm undertones, and if you are fair skinned and burn easily, you probably have cool undertones. If you have dark skin, check out what colour jewellery suits you best? If gold is your colour you probably have warm undertones, and if you suit silver, you have cool undertones. There’s no exact science to this, which is why it can be overwhelming!

Candy Apple Enduring
Lip Colour

It Comes Down To Your Skin Too!

Do you have fair skin, light skin, a medium skin tone, or dark skin, with cool undertones? Choose a red with blue undertones. Got olive skin, or warm or neutral undertones? Why not choose one with orange/yellow undertones, such as a coral based, or berry coloured or go for a fiery red!

Do you have a red lip colour that you think is not you? Switch it up! Adding an Enduring Lip Liner as a base to your lipstick, or popping a Perfect Lipgloss on top, can completely change the colour of your red lipstick to suit you!

Berried Away Perfect Lipstick

If you need a Makeup Artist in Plymouth, or the surrounding area, please do give me a call! All the contact details can be found on my website, and check out the full range of LimeLife by Alcone lip colours here!