Biggest Makeup Trends For 2023!

Bold makeup is officially back! Spring 2023 is all about bare skin, and lived- in eyes (yes, the ‘I had a late night and didn’t bother to remove my makeup first’ look is in!) Read on to find out how you can update your makeup bag to embrace the new season…

Barely there makeup

Glass-like skin

Barely their makeup is huge this season. Although it’s been around for a while, it’s been taken a step further for 2023. Makeup should look like your own skin, so step away from heavy Foundations and Concealers. For a beautiful coverage that looks like your own skin, I highly recommend LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Foundation. This is a product that’s made with natural waxes and oils, giving you amazing coverage, for very little product. It’s made by RCMA, and is the best Foundation I’ve ever used! Forget covering those freckles (they’re hugely in, by the way!), and embrace your features! To read all about it, and see all the shade’s available, click here

Bleached Brows

Strike Rich Brow Gel

Now, I’m definitely not suggesting you reach for the household bleach (you will burn your skin so do not do it!), but you can lighten your brows using makeup. I love a dark brow, so will not be embracing this trend, but you can use a lighter shade of Brow Powder, or run a lighter Strike Rich Brow Gel shade through them. If you’re like me (older and sometimes wiser!), brows lighten with age, so this is easier to do. If you like this trend, why not hold off on your brow tint for the time being?

Smudged, lived-in eyes

Black Enduring Eyeliner

I love this one!! Messy makeup is in – woo hoo! I’m not saying you shouldn’t remove your makeup before bed, but smudged, lived-in eyes are in! Think Kate Moss in the 90s, and you’re on the way to the latest makeup trend! Imperfection is in. Grunge is in, and it’s all about imperfection. LimeLife’s Enduring Gel Eyeliners are a great makeup product for this. Apply it where you want, and you then have about 15 seconds to smudge as much as you like before it sets!

Vinyl lips

Shirley Temple Perfect Lipstick

Shiny, glossy lips are in! Forget about matte colours, and embrace bold colours, and lots of shine. Opaque colours are in, so step away from lipglosses and shimmery lipsticks, and think really bold reds, purples, oranges and browns! To see the beautiful range of professional grade Perfect
lipsticks, click here

Colour blocked eyeshadow

LimeLife by Alcone Perfect Eyeshadow

Eye makeup has gone colourful! Bursts of colour are here to stay and have been seen on the fashion catwalks this season. There’s no wrong way to do it, so create a colour palette on your eyes to be proud of. The brighter the colour, the better!

Lashes are in!

Making Waves Waterproof Mascara

Lashes are in, but forget about false ones! We’re talking not one or two coats of Mascara, but three, on both top and bottom! For the biggest impact, curl your lashes first. If your squeamish about eyes like me, Making Waves Waterproof Mascara is one of my favourites, and eliminates the need to use lash curlers!

Highlight, highlight, highlight!

Perfect Glow Drops

To get skin that glows in all the right places, highlighter is going to be your new best friend! No makeup makeup this season isn’t complete without strategic placement of highlighter. This season’s trends are all about dewy, watery effects, and high wattage shimmer. If, like me, you can’t let go of your bronzer (not even for a million quid will you get mine out of my hand!!!) try Perfect Bronzer 01 which has a gorgeous shimmer to it. If you prefer a liquid highlighter, Perfect Glow Drops give you a gorgeous, healthy glow, even without makeup, and it comes in bronze too! Click here to read all about this sheer, lightweight makeup product.

If you are looking for a Makeup Artist in Plymouth, and would love to experience the beauty of LimeLife by Alcone professional makeup, click here to view my services!