It’s Not Just About The Makeup!

Hmm…it’s not just about the makeup? That’s sounds weird, right? It is right though, as my services include more than just the makeup application! Read on to find out more…

My Makeup Services Include More!

When I studied Makeup Artistry the first things we were taught were salon hygiene (top priority!), and all about the skin….the different layers, and what they contained, skin conditions, contra-indications, the muscles, lymph nodes, and bones of the skull. Boring? Absolutely not! It’s very interesting, and helped me understand more about what products help with which skin conditions. I already had experience of this, having been a Beauty Guide with LimeLife by Alcone for over 3 years, so this just expanded my knowledge. I’m not a Dermatologist, but I have a good understanding of how the skin works, plus I’ve been through severe acne, and menopausal acne too.

What Do I Include?

All my makeup services include skin prep! Yes, you heard right! When I go to a client, I will always do a cleanse, serum, moisturise and SPF with LimeLife by Alcone skincare products, before starting the makeup service. You might ask why? Well, you’ve heard the saying ‘skin first, makeup second’, and that’s exactly why I do it. It gives me the knowledge your skin is fully clean and prepped before any makeup application takes place. I have applied makeup before on someone who used a primer heavy in silicones, and the Perfect Foundation just didn’t sit right on it. I had to take it all off, do my skin prep first, and then start again!

It’s A Treat, So Why Wouldn’t You Want To Be Pampered?

Having an express facial is a treat. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy your treatment before your special occasion or wedding day! It’s giving you some ‘me time’ in your busy life! All the skincare products are vegan, certified cruelty free, plant-based, and free from harmful chemicals.

Beautiful special occasion makeup

How Do I Book?

It’s easy! Just click here to be taken though to my online booking system, where you can reserve your makeup service 24 hours a day. If you can’t find the date or time you’re looking for, please do get in contact with me here, as very often I block out time to ride my horse and can always move things around to suit you!

Bridal & Wedding Day Makeup

Bridal and wedding day makeup

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Remember, it’s not just about the makeup…it’s about you!