Celebrating Earth Month With ‘Clean & Green’ Makeup & Skincare

April is Earth Month!

There is an ugly side to beauty – not just the billions of tonnes of packaging that ends up in landfill or our oceans globally from single use plastics, but 20-40% of beauty products get thrown out! All makeup and skincare comes with expiration dates, so bigger is not always best!

What Is Clean & Green Beauty?

Farm To Tub Vegan Soap

This is an umbrella term that refers to totally natural skincare/makeup with true-to-nature or naturally derived ingredients in the lab, which exclude harmful or toxic ingredients (think Parabens and Sulphates!) The focus is on active, plant-based ingredients, typically vegan friendly and certified cruelty free.

How Can You Switch To Clean, Green Makeup & Skincare?

Absolutely, but do your research! Not every beauty company has the same approach. Look for products from a company that regulate for carbon neutral, and are vegan, organic, cruelty free, free from harmful chemicals and refillable! LimeLife have always been green and clean beauty conscious, using only the best natural ingredients. The clamshell makeup packaging (think eyeshadows, blushers, bronzers, foundations!) plus the cardboard boxes are easily recycled at the kerbside, and they now have refillable products! Green Smoothie Moisturiser was the first skincare product to be refillable, and it’s a simply divine moisturiser too! You can check it out here

You Can Make A Difference!

Earth Month takes place in April every year, raising awareness around the issues affecting our planet. If we make small changes, we can make a meaningful difference! It’s simple enough, from recycling, to using reef-safe sunscreen, to eliminating plastic micro beads (found in many exfoliating products), to buying only what we need, we can all have a positive impact on our environment! To read more about LimeLife by Alcone and their ethos, click here